What would you say about our contractor that impressed you?

What they said they’d do they did exactly to a tee! From the accuracy of the estimate, to the quality and timing of the work to be done and they addressed any concerns I may have had along the way throughout the projects. They really earned my trust 100%. I was very nervous starting the project as I’ve never hired a contractor before for a project like this. I’ve heard many horror stories of contractors producing shoddy work or starting the work then taking the money and disappearing and ripping off customers leaving the work unfinished. I’m very grateful I found Landmark and hired them to do the projects. The experience was very pleasant and not as stressful as I expected it to be. Thanks to Rob and Justin!

What improvements could our contractor make?


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How SAFE did you feel with our contractor in your home? 100
What did you “sense” about our contractors integrity? 100
What did you think about our contractor’s sales tactics? 100
What was your OVERALL experience with Our Contractor? 100
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  • Testimonials form our Residential Clients

    He is fair and honest, and his integrity shows in everything he does!

    Rob Larriviere recently completed a variety of jobs in my home, including fence repair, painting and removal of wallpaper, power washing, landscaping, and other general repair work. I was especially pleased that Rob found an innovative solution to repair my wood floor, saving me the huge expense of replacing the flooring entirely. I’ve done business with Rob for many years, and he has never disappointed me or failed to do a job to perfection! He is fair and honest, and his integrity shows in everything he does!

    Gayla A