Nivo and jCarousel

Two great sliders are available as shortcodes, which means you can insert them anywhere you want and make unlimited numbers of them with different usage to make your content management possibilities even richer with this theme.

Nivo slider

Customize size, effects, speed and other settings and insert slider anywhere you want.

Nivo slider: no attached images, or only one attached image…

Get example code
[nivo_slider width="880" height="350" link="none" speed="600" delay="3000" effect="boxRandom" p=""]

jCarousel slider

Completely flexible – choose slide number, size, color and of course, insert it anywhere.

Get example code
[jcarousel width="600" height="200" bg="#f6f6f6" items="1" margin="10" link="none" speed="1000" p=""]

[jcarousel width="960" height="200" bg="#222" items="2" margin="10" link="none" speed="1000" p=""]

[jcarousel width="960" height="150" bg="#fff" items="3" margin="10" link="file" speed="1000" p=""]
  • Testimonials form our Residential Clients

    They provided me with a cost effect, superior solution

    I wanted a 40’ X 24’ shed/workshop built, and hired Rob for the entire project. The shed initially was going to be a powerless shell, with 3 windows, a garage door, and another oversized door. I decided to complete the building by adding insulation, a ceiling, electricity, radiant barriers, gutters, and other improvements. Not only were Rob and his team flexible with our changes, but Rob’s team also told me how some of my ideas would be costly or cause future problems, AND they provided me with a cost effect, superior solution. Usually, when I have hired out construction work, I have had many contractor “cleanup” issues, but Rob and his team were so meticulous that when his team was done, the building was complete to a standard WAY BEYOND my expectation, and the work site was clean of all building materials and trash. In an era where “good enough” and “it will get done when we can get to it” seem to be the standards, I cannot convey to you in strong enough words how much I appreciate Rob Larriviere’s work ethic and integrity, and the quality of the product he provides. I will use Landmark Construction every time I have a project that falls into their area of expertise.

    Keith H