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Home Restoration

When disaster strikes it can be devastating, you need help fast, you need to know all your options and that you are being treated fairly by your insurance company. It is our goal to turn disaster into blessing. We have handled hundreds of claims and will work with your insurance company for your benefit. We will put your home or office back together better than it was prior to your loss. Landmark is fast and efficient in the restoration process without overlooking the smallest details for our customer’s satisfaction.

Specializing in Insurance Work

Home damage from fire or water can seem overwhelming. Our team at Landmark Texas Contractors will work with you and your insurance company to turn your house back into a home as quickly and painlessly as possible. Call us at 214-837-7692 for a hassle-free estimates on your next remodeling project too. What do we offer:

  • General contractor with over 30 years of experience restoring homes
  • We work with all major insurance companies
  • We work directly with your adjuster
  • We provide thorough and accurate estimates
  • Quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Precise coordinating and timing of all projects
  • Locally owned and operated
Fire Restoration before and after remodeling

Remodeling Guides

Helpful Guides

Decide if you want to use an architect, a designer-builder, or other professional to translate your remodeling vision. Come up with a design that you love and that is within your budget.

If you designed the space yourself, select a contractor with whom you have a solid working rapport.

Finalize a budget and stick with it.

Fire Damage

When fire strikes, it is critical that you act swiftly and efficiently to protect your property. There may be broken doors, shattered windows, or walls and exposure to outside elements. The first step is to board up the premises to make safe and secure. We will remove affected building materials and discard/clean contents. Water damage will be addressed through water extraction, dehumidification and drying. A thorough cleaning of all affected building materials and contents will occur to remove soot and odors from the premises.

Water Damage

When water enters your premises, time is your worst enemy. Given the right circumstances, mold will start to grow in a short time. Water removal and timely drying is critical to prevent the growth of mold. Our trained professionals will immediately evaluate the situation, determine the best and quickest way to remove the water and properly dry the premises. We monitor the relative humidity and moisture content during the drying process in order to efficiently dry your premises

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