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In addition to the variety of sliders, you can select unique custom header for any page or even for single post! Possibilities are absolutely unlimited, no restrictions in size, color or content. It may be a simple image, that is easily added via WordPress native uploader or it can be any HTML code, which means it can be video, flash, iframe, shortcode or anything you can imagine.


The panel above is available in any page or post, which makes it possible to set unique header for specific page in a matter of seconds. There is no header selected for this page so the page title is displayed instead.

  • Testimonials form our Residential Clients

    Our home is now a show place

    Thanks for all the great work you all did, our home is now a show place. You have one fine son in Justin, he was always here to help. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

    John and Barbara M.