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  • Testimonials form our Residential Clients

    His main concern is always the customer

    I have done high quality framing for twenty years, I have worked with many contractors in the past, what I can say about Rob Larriviere,  Landmark Construction is that he has always kept me busy and made the job and price fair, for everyone involved, especially the customer. He is always very concerned with keeping job sites clean, kept clean during the construction process, and after, while always being above and beyond customer expectations.
    His main concern is always the customer, and whatever it takes to satisfy their needs. That is why I continue to work closely with him on projects. He hires the most experienced builders and contractors that will give him the best price and quality therefore passing those savings/qualities to the customer.
    Customers call on him for any future needs, and refer family and friends, which makes him a very successful builder.
    I can honestly say that he cares a great deal about his customers, their needs, and listens to their expectations, which makes him reliable, honest, and cost efficient. In general, you can depend on him in any aspect of your construction needs.

    Billy M